Authentication errors when trying to publish syntax theme


Hi, I’m a relatively new user of Atom, and I’m trying to publish a new syntax theme. I tried using apm, but it continually fails upon pushing the tag version:

jesse@DOWNiMac confectio-dark-syntax (master) $ apm publish patch
Preparing and tagging a new version ✓
Pushing v0.1.2 tag Username for '': Down10
Password for '':
remote: Invalid username or password.
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

I’ve already successfully published it to a GitHub repository, and I’ve done apm login too, so what could be the problem?

I’d like to reset the version number to 0.0.0 again and have it publish it correctly. Can anyone help?


There’s an open Issue on this. I don’t have time to track it down right at the moment, but you might check the repo for it.