Audio/video view


For my purposes, I need to be able to view video or play audio at the same time as editing text file. For start, I’m trying to write Atom package, that simply creates element, pointing to the local file. I use this code:

atom.workspaceView.appendToBottom("<audio controls id='audio' src='file:////Users/peter/Downloads/Devin_256.mp3' />")

That creates audio element, but I’m unable to start it, because controls are greyed. There is no error in the console, or anywhere else, but audio simply doesn’t play. Google Chrome itself has no problem with this, so I assume Atom somehow limits this?


Looks like .mp3 or .mp4 files that I need to work with are not supported in Chromium. When I tried the same with .wav, it worked fine.


Would it be maybe possible to ask Atom nicely to use already installed Google Chrome instead of Chromium, maybe by using some command-line option?

No access to window.speechSynthesis?

Since the two requests are of the same nature and the relevant conversation has moved to this other topic:

I’m closing this one in favor of that one.

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