Audio: App launched from npm works perfectly, but complied x64 app works incorrectly

I use the Electron-forge framework and try to make an audio player. When I launch my app from npm start it works perfectly. But when I compile app using npm run package to x64 app and launch from its .exe file, the app works incorrectly. Window creates, but audio doesn’t play.
Paths to audio files are definitely correct, I wrote them to console too.

(document).ready(function () { prepare_song('D:' + '\\' + 'Downloads' + '\\' + 'audio_1.mp3'); ("#button_play_pause").click(function () {
console.log(“click play”);
var playPromise = document.querySelector(‘audio’).play();
if (playPromise !== undefined) {
playPromise.then(function () {
console.log(“play !”);
// triggered from npm start and music is playing
}).catch(function (error) {
console.log(“play error:” + error);
// triggered from npm run package (x64 .exe app) Error: NotSupportedError: The element has no supported sources.

function prepare_song(filepath) {
    console.log(" prepare: " + filepath);
    $("#audio").attr("src", filepath);
    let audio = document.getElementById('audio');