Audible or visual confirmation on completion


I’d like to expand my user scripts in the to include either audible or visual confirmation on completion (or both).

Besides atom.beep() is there another way to generate sound (preferably the one I want to use, not a bundled/system)?

I’ve seen some packages (like sync-settings) displaying a small pop-up window in the upper right corner on successful completion – is there a command or an easily copy-pasteable code I could include in my script to achieve the same? I’ve looked at the sync-settings code on github, but I’m way over my head with it.


That’s typically from Atom’s Notifications API.


Thank you so much, great API, using it couldn’t have been easier!

So I’m guessing it’s a no on the beeping outside of atom.beep?


Nothing built-in to Atom for that, no.