Audible Bell Sounds When Moving Text Down


If you highlight text in Atom and then press CTRL+CMD+DOWN ARROW, the text will move, but you’ll get an audible warning bell. This doesn’t happen when moving text upwards.

Audible beep on 'move line down'

Yep, I was just about to report this. Not sure how to get rid of it.


This is still happening in version 0.94.0


Can one of you open an issue here?

Toggle between windows in OSX

I just found this, actually:


Perfect! Thanks for the diligence!


TLDR; - No one has been able to fix this so far, but there is a work around I’ve confirmed in this comment:


The workaround didn’t work for me on macOS Sierra (maybe you have to restart or something?). The only thing that worked for me is BetterTouchTool.