Attempting to open a file from tree view fails, but opens Developer Tools


In my workspace, my folder hierarchy has a handful of log files…


When click on these files in the tree view, access.log and error.log open as expected. However, both app_access.log and app_error.log fail to open but the Developer Tools do open.

Did I coincidently stumble upon a magic file name?


Nah, its not that magical, I had it earlier splitting a pane whilst focussed on a bog standard json file. Was reproducible at the time but I cant do it now after a restart (which, incidentally, updated me to 0.76).


It is probably opening up the dev tools because there is an error. Can you click on the console tab in the dev tools and paste the stack trace in here?



Uncaught Error: Atom can only handle files < 2MB, for now.