Attachment to Command Prompt


Electron has a very clever (aka unique) attachment to the windows console. It seems to return back as if it’s a windows app or was run with ‘start’… but yet it’s still able to log to the console… I see it can be a valuable tool to have that output, since scripts like main.js that start electron instance can do logging before there’s a browser logger available…
but; if I continue to use the command prompt and run a batch file, or run a make and break the make with ctrl-c then elecron also ends up getting that and exiting.

But is there an option or something I can give it to say log to a file and not attach to a console? I can wrap it in a launcher that’s a windows thing that gives it pipes and captures the output so no console is ever really created…

there is --enable-logging on

I guess somehow that’s getting set by default?

I hesitate to not click cancel