a directory for Atom themes and colour schemes


Myself and Tony Guntharp have just launched, a directory for Atom themes and colour schemes. There’s not a lot on there just yet, but we’re accepting pull requests on the site’s GitHub repo for new posts and planning a bunch of new content over the coming days.


Would be nice if this had a way of “liking” themes, so that you could create a quick list of “top liked.” Wouldn’t have to be anything fancy - maybe one vote per IP address. Tagging would be cool too. :smile:


Yeah I’d like to add that stuff later, but to launch quickly we decided to build the initial version on Jekyll. That means all the pages are static and that stuff isn’t possible. When I have more time I’d be interested in rebuilding the site in something like Meteor make adding content easier.


Well, they could both be done in pure JavaScript, which would work fine with Jekyll (of course you’d need some backend server to make calls to save likes.) :smile:


Yeah but at that point you’re kind of using Jekyll in a way is wasn’t designed to be used. I’d much rather rebuild it in a real framework than do that.


For something so simple, I’m not sure I’d find it worth using an entire framework (and the additional resources necessary for running Python/JS/Ruby/PHP for every static page load.)