Atom's main menu text is very small



I am experiencing an issue with the text size of the main menu in Atom.
The text is very small. I have tried to change it by adjusting system fonts, but no luck.

Below is an image showing the menu from two application on the same desktop: Atom (top) and Nemo (bottom). As you can see the size of the menu font in Atom is much smaller.


Can anyone offer advice on how to fix this?

I’m running Atom 1.23.3(64) on Debian 9(64)

Thank you!!


When an issue comes up with the native side of Atom’s functionality (the window menu bar), it’s important to test to see whether the issue applies to just Atom or to Electron apps generally. Please download another Electron-based program and see if it exhibits the same behavior.


Two options you can try:


Start Atom, install package ‘hidpi’.
Go to hidpi settings and enter a value between 1 and 2
in the field “Default Scale Factor”. For example 1.5
Restart Atom (or Packages > HiDPI > Update).


Start Atom with an extra parameter, this should work for all
Electron & Chromium apps.

On command line or in your Atom startup script:

atom --force-device-scale-factor=1.5

(again, use values between 1 and 2)

How to change font size of context menu?

Thank you both.

After troubleshooting for a bit I realized the problem is that my default Font 'Text Scaling Factor" is set to 0.8 (which is what I like). However, I did not know how to fix the issue in Atom without changing my system settings… so thank you to TKL-87K for solving this.

I decided in favor of … atom --force-device-scale-factor=1

Thanks again,