Atom's Github Integration Package (0.3.3)


As soon I enable the github plugin Atom becomes slow and sluggish. Atom’s Github Package’s ‘files’ symbol on the bottom right corner jumps from zero files to 117925 files and the whole thing becomes unworkable. On opening the Git section all of these files are listed under ‘Unstaged Changes’.

Does anyone know what might be happening and where these files might be coming from? My hunch is that it’s staging all the files on my computer…I’m a bit of a noob and don’t quite know where to begin to fix this though… :confused:

I’m at a bit of a loss! Any help / guidance appreciated :slight_smile:


Probably not all of the files on your computer, but definitely all of the files under your user folder. You have a git repo in a high-level directory, most likely in your home folder. You should go there and delete the .git folder (it may be hidden). What operating system are you on?


Also, this has been fixed in Atom 1.21.0-beta1, though you should still follow @DamnedScholar’s advice as it’s rarely intentional to have a .git folder in your home directory.


Many thanks @DamnedScholar

I’m on OSX 10.12.6.

There is a hidden .git folder, and on the same level two separate git files, .gitconfig and .gitignore. I’ll delete these.

I can see under /Users/myname there’s a GitHub folder, it appears empty in Finder, even if I look for hidden files. Should this be deleted too?


Most likely it was generated automatically when you installed a program (GitHub Desktop, maybe?). It can be deleted. The only special git file that you need to have is .gitconfig.


Excellent. Many thanks for the help. :vulcan_salute: