Atom Youtube player



Is there will be any person who wants to have youtube in atom editor? I don’t know if there is good reason to push package , prepare to production version and continue to develop it.

Mini preview:

If there will be any person who wants to collaborate let me know.

Sorry for dummy post. :smiley:


Yea, I think this could be very useful indeed.

For example:

  • User is stuck at coding problem, wants to lookup quick How-To video tutorials.
  • User follows an online programming course, so they could use a youtube playlist with all the videos in a side panel.
  • User wants to listen to youtube music while coding.

Search is going to be important. Also Playlists! Either by creating the ability to filter search results or by creating serializable playlists people can save down to re-use later.


I agree, almost the same things i thought.

It’s just simple player now, but if there will be users who wants it I’m going to work to do that.

Happy to hear it.


I think it’s worthwhile for productive purposes. But even just for the fun of having a player inside of atom, people will use it if it works smoothly.


Ooh, also, make sure the player can be positioned on all sides (i.e. panel can be opened in a split pane down or right at least), because screen estate will be a factor when having videos play while coding.


Just a heads up, the browser-plus package shows youtube videos well.