Atom wrongfully throws error on missing angular packages


I’m developing angular 4 with Typescript, and I can see that sometimes atom throws a “missing module” error without a reason. For example, I just installed CookieService and saved it to package.json, and then when I import it:

import { CookieService } from 'ngx-cookie-service';

Atom says: cannot find module ngx-cookie-service. The app, however, gets compiled and runs without any errors! A similar issue sometimes happens (and sometimes not) when importing items from @angular/core. Is there a way to fix it?



I’m sure that Atom isn’t sending you these messages because the core functionality doesn’t include any awareness of frameworks. Instead, a package you have installed is sending you messages. The first step to finding the solution is to figure out which package this is. Do you know?


I don’t quite understand what you mean, sorry. In the above example, the package is ngx-cookie-service, although as I mentioned, the app gets compiled and runs.


One of the packages you have installed in Atom knows how to read Angular files. That package is sending you messages.


These are the packages I have installed:

  • angular2-typeScript-snippets
  • atom-ide-ui
  • atom-typescript
  • ide-typescript
  • turbo-javascript


And how is the message appearing?


Simply, for example when importing items in one of my components:

import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';

Module ‘“D:/MyProject/node_modules/@angular/core/core”’ has no exported member ‘Component’.

When I disable the atom-ide-ui package, these errors no longer appear, but other errors that are supposed to be there no longer appear also, because this package is essential for atom-typescript. Any suggestions?


You could raise an issue on the relevant repository. Note that atom-ide-ui is only a package that shows the errors, and is unlikely to be the one throwing them. ide-typescript looks like a provider for it though, so I would start looking there.


Your description provides no spatial information at all, or any clues that would indicate to me where in the editor these messages are popping up.


The “Component” text gets a red line under it, and when you hover above it, atom opens a popup right under the cursor, and displays the message I mentioned above.