Atom wrong suggestions fix


I moved to atom from sublime and having this annoying issue all the time. I always code html inside .php files & every single time I tried to type some html I get this,

a list of suggestions with php on top. Why is this happening and how to fix this?. It’s giving me headache.


I can’t see where your cursor is in that screenshot, and in order to know exactly what the program is thinking, you need to look at the cursor to see what it is you just typed. What’s happening is that your autocomplete package is interpreting what you’re currently typing as something that could potentially be autocompleted as <?php.

There seem to be multiple autocomplete packages for PHP. Which one are you using?


I’m not using any. That’s the problem. But I have atom-ide-ui and ide-php installed.


What’s under your cursor when that popup appears?


just basic html code


What characters? I need to know exactly under what circumstances it appears.


This is being tracked in


oh, didn’t see that before. thanks.