Atom would like to access my calendar and contacts


I just launched Atom for the first time on a brand-new install of Mojave public beta, and Atom is asking to access my calendar and contacts.

I denied both requests but I don’t see any reason why this is necessary. Can anyone offer a reasonable explanation?


Does it ask for that on High Sierra? I haven’t tried Mojave, and there was a hot fix for Atom released very recently, but I don’t recall seeing that permission request when I installed Atom.


I checked on a different machine running High Sierra, and System Preferences does not show it as having requested Contacts or Calendars permissions.


High Sierra:


I recommend making an issue on the atom repo. I don’t know where the issue might be coming from, or if it is a bug in Mojave, but it doesn’t hurt to make it known.


We’ve added a post to the FAQ section to address this topic:

I hope this helps.