case sentive path


Although something like C:\path\Main.ext is the same thing as C:\path\main.ext for the Windows filesystem, Atom opens different windows. One with the title “Main.hx” and other with “main.hx”…
They point to the same file. If I edit and save one the other window is updated.

I’m using a tool that output the path always in lower case and to open in a given line and column.
What I have to do to make it works?


So you actually have files like this? You are asking for trouble. Many apps will choke on this. Not just Atom.


No, I don’t. It isn’t allowed by the system and not experienced this issue with other apps.
The output of the command line tool that is always in lowercase.


Oh, I understand now.

You should complain to whoever wrote that tool. That is broken behavior.


I think it is reasonable to expect that on case-aware-but-insensitive file systems that Atom be able to detect these as the same file.

@hammeron_art, would you mind filing an Issue on atom/atom for this if one doesn’t exist already? If you do, would you please post a link to that Issue (the old or new one) here?


Sure. I didn’t find a issue like this reported so I filled one.