Atom won't start without internet


Atom presents an error in windows 10 version 1809. It doesn’t start without internet. It was working before the update. I’ve tried reinstalling but the error is persistent. And also I don’t think it’s a problem with windows since all other apps are running.

This is the error from the command line.

this._handle = new ChannelWrap();

Error: EFILE
at new Resolver (dns.js:246:20)
at dns.js:377:25
at dns.js:431:3
at NativeModule.compile (bootstrap_node.js:606:7)
at NativeModule.require (bootstrap_node.js:550:18)
at net.js:45:13
at net.js:1730:3
at NativeModule.compile (bootstrap_node.js:606:7)
at NativeModule.require (bootstrap_node.js:550:18)
at internal/child_process.js:6:13


I found a solution. Just install the Microsoft loopback adapter and you’re saved. No need to rollback to 1803


Can You Help Me?
I also suffered the same error, I do not know how to do.


Maybe this will help?


I actually found another solution. Pretty easy. Just install Microsoft loopback adapter

  1. Just access your device manager,
  2. Click on any category e.g. “Network Adapter”
  3. then click on “action” at the top of the window
  4. and select “Add legacy hardware”
  5. Click “next” on the window that pops up
  6. Select the 2nd option on the next screen “install manually”
  7. Then select “Network adapter” and click next. Wait for next window to load
  8. Choose manufacturer as “Microsoft”
  9. Find the “loopback” adapter and click next and next again.