Atom won't show up



I was trying to open a recent folder with the “Open recent” module, however nothing happened. Tried again, nothing.
Then I tried to click “new window”, or “open in Atom” from the explorer, and nothing happened as well.
Then I closed my Atom instance to restart it. However now it won’t start anymore Oo
I also tried to run it from the command-line with the --safe argument, it still doesn’t shows.

So now I have like 20 “atom.exe*32” instances running without showing up, I wonder what to do :frowning:

My system: Windows 7 64 bits enterprise.

EDIT: It turns out I had Websteroids.exe lurking in my processes, which is a malware that injects ads in popular web browsers, including Chrome. I guess it was messing Atom in some way, because when I managed to kill it, All Atom windows popped at me :'D


Interesting. Well done finding the culprit :thumbsup: