Atom won't open(Windows 10)

My pc crashed when i was on atom working on a project and now it won’t open. I’ve tried to reinstall but that hasn’t worked

What happens if you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe? What happens if you start it with a specific folder that you didn’t previously have open such as atom C:\Users\my-username\Desktop\?

It’s most likely that the state data Atom was saving as your computer crashed was corrupted. You might be able to recover unsaved work by opening Atom with a different target, closing it, and reopening the folder in question (if that causes Atom to fail to load, you should try opening Atom with a different target, right-clicking on the project folder and selecting Remove Project Folder, then right-clicking in the tree view and selecting Add Project Folder, and selecting the folder you had open during the crash; if Atom crashes again, you’re probably out of luck).

If you don’t have any unsaved work, you can simplify the solution by opening Atom with atom --clear-window-state which will nuke all of your session data and allow you to open the previous folder.

Never mind thanks for the support but i fixed it <3

Mind sharing what you did?