Atom won't open on Ubuntu 18.10


Installed Atom from the .deb of using “sudo dpkg -i atom.deb”

Video of Problem

sudo apt-get -f install don’t solve the problem, sorry for my english.


try installing latest Atom Beta, that should work.


Installed Atom Beta with “sudo dpkg -i atombeta.deb” extracted from here, keeps without opening.


Did you check logs? What errors are reported?


just realized using “sudo atom-beta” atom opens correctly, without the sudo it dont work.


Did you install it with sudo privileges? It should not need them to be opened, and will probably lead to issues later.


yes installed with sudo dpkg


stable ver. 1.32 was released, works fine for me :heart_eyes:


@Koemi I had the same issue as you. This is the way I got the problem solved.

sudo rm -rf ~/.atom

But if you need further log message you can open a bash terminal and then execute the following command

tail -F /var/log/syslog

After reading the live log file open the atom application. Then you will see some new log and it should be very useful finding out why atom is not opening.

Hope this helps