Atom won't open on Mac

Hi. I have a fully updated MacBook that I am the administration on and am trying to download Atom. Everytime I have tried to download it and run it, no window pops up but my computer says it is open. I have allowed it to be downloaded from the internet. Please help if you can! :slight_smile:


I am having the same problem. My Atom was working about 30 minutes ago, then I just updated my MacOS, then it stopped working. There must be a compatibility issue with the new MacOS Update. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

Having a similar issue here. Last night I updated to MacOS Big Sur from a MacBook Pro medium-high tier acquired 2 weeks ago, and today my Atom is extremely slow. Taking up to 5 seconds each time I click inside the code to somewhere else, same for typingโ€ฆ Even the settings are extremely slow when opened, took more than 2 minutes to fully show up all the packages that I have installed.

/Users/pc/.atom/packages/code-time/node_modules/libsodium/dist/modules/libsodium.js:1 Refused to connect to 'data:application/octet-stream;base64,AGFzbQEAAAABqAMwYAJ/fwBgAAF/YAJ/fwF/YAN/f38Bf2ADf39/AGABfwF/YAF/AGAEf39/fwF/YAV/f39/fwF/YAt/f39/f39/f39/fwF/YAN/f34Bf2AGf39/f39/AX9gB39/f39/f38Bf2AEf39+fwF/YAAAYAZ/f39+f38Bf2AFf39+f38Bf2AEf35/fwF/YAh/f39+f35/fwF/YAR/f39/AGAGf39+f39/AX9gBn9/fn9+fwF/YAJ/fgBgCH9/f39/f39/AX9gDH9/f39/f39/f39/fwF/YAh/f35/f35/fwF/YAN/f34AYAV/f35/fwBgCX9/f39+f35/fwF/YAV/f39+fwF/YAZ/f35/f38AYAR/fn9/AGAKf39/f39/f39/fwF/YAd/f39+f39/AX9gBX9/fn5/AX9gB39+f35/fn8Bf2ABfwF+YAJ+fwF+YAV/f39/fwBgCX9/f39+f3...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' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "default-src * atom://*". Note that 'connect-src' was not explicitly set, so 'default-src' is used as a fallback.

I finally found a way to open atom editor on updated Mac. Using a installer instead of the download site.

this one worked for me.