Atom won't link to local web server


Hi !

I am super new at everything coding and web design.
Yesterday, I had no problem using style.css on Atom to play with my WordPress local host website and today, whatever I change in the stylesheet, it won’t make anything on the local host website.

What am I doing wrong ? Wamp is open, everything looks alright, I also changed themes on WP and it worked. The problem seems to be with ATOM.

Hopefully, someone can help me.




It would help if you posted an MCV example, because you’re computer seems to be protected from our all-seeing laser-eyes.

Just a tip before you do: please use code-fences to make your code more readable for others. You can do that using the </>-button in the toolbar above.


Actually, I just created a new style.css on Atom and changed theme and created a new child theme, and it works.

What does not work is working with the style.css from yesterday. That’s weird…