Atom Won't Download - Help!


I use Windows 7 (Don’t ask.) I am not sure if that would have anything to do with this but:

Whenever I try installing Atom on my computer [This is the 3rd Try] it keeps working until a few seconds after I say “Run This File” It gives me this: {Image}

I really want to use Atom, I found it in a tutorial and it looks really cool.

I’d be glad to do anything to help (Please don’t say check the log, I looked and it is too complicated for me, but I’d be happy to send screenshots!! :grin: {Also #discord emojis :tada:}
I don’t have a bunch of space on my computer, I thought maybe that was a problem so I cleaned it up a bit, I have some Anti-Viruses and that could have done something.
I may sound like a total noob, I am. I found this in a tutorial didn’t I? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks in Advance,
Bouncy :pleading_face:

I am not a Windows user (at least I have Windows 10 in my PC but I rarely use it). I am on Ubuntu (Linux).

But it seems that your installation failure can be solved if you browse around.

Here is one of many links that google popped up.