Atom won't auto update anymore


I haven’t seen the the update squirrel in quite some time. This first happened on version 0.75.0. After discover that, at the time, the current version of atom was 0.82.0 I updated by just downloaded the latest version and replacing the file. This is where something strange happened. Upon opening the newly downloaded 0.82.0, the blue squirrel was present and said that there was an update back to 0.75.0. I restarted Atom and checked the version under the menu and it still said 0.82.0.

After monitoring the releases for a couple days and waiting at least a day before deciding that the auto update isn’t working, I decided to try and start from scratch. I deleted Atom, removed ~/.atom and ~/Library/Application Support/Atom. This time I didn’t get a message asking me to restart so that it can update to 0.75.0 but I’m still not receiving any updates.

When trying to do a “hard reset” is there any other folder I need to remove?


Possible dupe of (or at least related to) "Check for update" disappears from Atom menu

"Check for update" disappears from Atom menu

Thanks I’ll join the conversation there too. It would still be nice to know how to fully reset Atom.

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