Atom windows scrolls down upon clicking "Log" tab of "atomatigit" package


So I have been using this atomatigit package, the UI was stable the last time I used it (last year), and it looks like this:

Except now, I noticed it contains a bug whenever I click the Log tab, which looks like this:

As you can see the whole window scrolls the way all up, affecting even the text editor environment. I suppose the reason for this is that the window is forced to occupy the height space of the Log tab. I tried going back to the other tabs (Files and Branches) but to no avail:

Thus, the only way to ever get out of this is to exit Atom itself and restart it once again (so far, from my trial and errors). I tried searching for the same issues/bugs in the Github repo but found none. I tried switching themes, for what I last remembered, I was using a different theme back then. But then I saw that it has the same issue for any themes applied.

Any idea how to possibly bypass this bug? That would be a great help.


Have you filed a bug on the automatigit package?


I found two (possibly related) open issues, and it was not yet addressed by the publisher. I don’t know if he is still actively updating this package. :confused: