Atom window view persists when windows behind are brought to the front


I am running into an in issue in Windows 7 with the display of programs other than Atom, but Atom is the common thread. I did some digging on the support section but nothing is coming up.

I am running the latest version of Atom. What is happening in programs like Excel, Outlook, Slack, Remote Desktop and others is if I have a window open and it is behind Atom, if I bring it to the front the Atom window is still displayed. If I alt + tab or click on it makes no difference. It doesn’t really matter what you do (Change window size, scroll, move the window around) the part of Atom that over-layed the window persists as if Atom was on top still.

The only way to restore the correct view I have found is minimize the window of the other program and restore it. The only program causing this is Atom. It is kind of driving me nuts.

I am running an older i7 system with dual displays and a GeForce GTS 450 with the latest video drivers.


Would you mind opening an Issue on with as much detail as you can include? That will help us track things better.


No Problem.


Turn on Aero if you haven’t. That fixed this for me. It was really annoying, i feel your pain.

P.S. i had to make an account with full email verification just to post an answer to a bug. silly.