Atom window not opening properly

Hi, I have been using Atom as my text editor for writing python for a while now, and it’s been working perfectly until today. When I open it from my desktop or from the start menu (I am on Windows 10), it will show up on the task bar, but the window won’t show. When I minimise and maximise it from the taskbar by clicking on it, it shows up for a split second but it disappears. The following image is a screenshot of a paused video:

I am using Atom version 1.44.0 and the latest version of Windows, and this started happening just before I updated Windows this morning. I can’t work this out. Also I am using 2 displays, but my laptop is closed and the monitor is my primary display. But if I unplug the monitor, it still happens on the laptop screen, also when I extend the laptop display. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

It is a Windows issue. Try the following:

  1. Win + Tab (task view)

  2. Right-mouse-click the open Atom application on the list.

  3. Select some option like snap left.

Notice: No Thanos finger snapping is required.

Have you tried launching Atom from the command-line with the --clear-window-state switch?

I would welcome hearing how the computer acted to the steps I suggested.

The documentation suggests using
atom --safe and/or atom --clear-window-state
Try starting atom in command prompt as @idleberg says.

If that fails consider the steps:
Error while installing Atom

Hi, thanks for the reply again, but when I type atom --safe or atom --clear-window-state it says that atom is an unknown command or something???