Atom Welcome Screen


I’m teaching at Moscow Coding School and moved all my students from Sublime Text to Atom.

It will be great (specially for newbies) to have opportunity to:
see welcome screen each time you open Atom (it’s really useful for navigation your first time);
have a checkbox “don’t show again” (like in Abode Illustrator, Photoshop, etc);
reopen welcome screen from the menu.


In the meantime you can put this in your ~/.atom/

atom.config.set 'welcome.showOnStartup', true


Edit: @olmokramer beat me to it. :smile:

The Welcome package disables itself after first launch, so don’t forget to enable the package in the Settings View too.


@olmokramer, @Alchiadus thanks guys for hints.

But still for better UX it will be better to not send people to the config but just use usual controls. It’s also strange to make this so nice Welcome Guide and just used it once after first launch.

I guess some newbies are slow to understand how to do things in new environment. I think Welcome Guide can be really useful for this part of audience.


You can raise this issue directly on the package repo and even submit a PR if you have the motivation to take care of this problem.


@abe thanks to drive me in to community. I surely will.


@ZakharDay You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I believe this is typically the kind of issue that is simple enough for people new to Atom to solve. It allow to discover the package architecture, the testing environment and dealing with UI and settings.


I created a PR for this: welcome/#27


I’d love some help with this - I pasted atom.config.set ‘welcome.showOnStartup’, true into, went into preferences/packages and made sure that the welcome package was enabled (yup) and made sure “show on startup” was checked (yup). Then I restarted Atom and… no welcome screen. Help???

Also, I’m really glad that you opened a PR for this (thanks!) since I was immediately intimidated when I couldn’t find the very rad welcome info after I had only briefly clicked around it.