Atom Welcome and Welcome Guide keeps opening and freezing atom



So I’ve switched from Notepad++ to Atom because it has split screen code option and I like that. But everytime I open Atom, it opens the Welcome and Welcome Guide and freezes up (to the extent it is not responding). I have to empty my .atom/storage every single time I try and open Atom, sometimes completely uninstalling and reinstalling.

The image below shows the screens that I am talking about.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance ^,^ <3


Oh, and one thing to add, this wasn’t an issue a couple weeks ago. It started last week


We did release a new patch version of Atom last week, but the welcome package hasn’t been updated since v1.11.0 came out two weeks ago.

In any case, you can run apm disable welcome from the command line and it will prevent the welcome package from being loaded.

Deleting ~/.atom/storage doesn’t do what it once did. We have a new system for doing that now: