Atom + webpack = epic slowness. How to fix?


Quick question after fruitless googling. My atom slowed down measurably after starting to run webpack in my project directory. Mainly experienced as 3-5 second hang when (i) saving a modified file, (ii) switching to a file tab and clicking the cursor somewhere in the file. Its annoying enough to make Atom close to unusable as an editor. Have tried (i) disabling almost everything I can that I don’t need, (ii) adding an .atomignore for webpack bundled javascript and source maps, (iii) restarting Atom and rebooting computer. Have others noticed this and are there other suggested tips for removing the lag?


Can you share what operating system and version of Atom you’re running (atom -v)? And as a first debugging step, do you see the same issue in safe mode (atom --safe)?


Did you have any webpack output files open?