Atom –wait status in script for python

my current os is windows 10 and i am currently using current updated version of atom .
This problem not happening with all other code just this one
I am new in programming i just couldn’t figure out why other program running and this one not running

It’s because this script asks for user input and the script package is unable to handle input. You will want to run your script through the command line, which you can do inside Atom if you use a package like termination. Alternatively, you can use a package like process-palette to spawn a command prompt window to run the script.

I tried to executing the code using both packages separately but its all the same . Its still showing waiting sign and command prompt window come when i used termination package.It didn’t run the code.Then

i tried to run code using the file name but it didn’t run

The code doesn’t run automatically in termination when you open it. You need to navigate to the folder where your Python files are using the cd command and use the python command to run them (for example: python 1212).

By the way, what reason do you have for naming your files as numbers with no file extension? How do you tell them apart?

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It worked thank u
i actually tried to run the python file in terminal but in youtube i saw they always add py for python file. But i when i run python it showed me python exe: can’t open the folder.
when i save my file using script it showed “all files” format so i thought the file already turn into python file i didn’t notice it is in file format. thats why when i opened this files its all in plain text.

i run number cause the first two number is the folder i save my coding file .
I just learn that when saving file i have to add “.py” or extension manually to make it a python file.
Thanks a lot man

All files on Windows have file extensions. Windows just hides them because Microsoft assumes that users don’t want to see that information, but programs like Atom and the system shell use them to tell what the file is supposed to be. I suggest opening the Windows Explorer options dialog and turning on the file extensions (I always do that when I get a new Windows computer, because it looks wrong to me to see a bunch of files with no extensions).

when i save my file using script it showed “all files” format

Since Atom doesn’t have a specific format or file extension that it saves to (everything is plain-text and it’s used for a bunch of different programming languages), it leaves the extension completely up to the user and won’t add it automatically.