Atom --wait status code


I’m trying to use atom (with “wait” flag) as mongo shell editor (for “edit” command), but it seems it always returns bad status code on exit, which blocks the scenario:

test> edit user
App load time: 272ms
editor exited with error (1), not applying changes


I’m not seeing that behavior using Atom v1.8.0-dev-3068631 on Mac OS X 10.11.4. Which version of Atom and what OS and version are you using?


I’m sorry, not sure for Atom version and can’t check anymore, maybe few weeks old, regular stable version from site. OS is Windows 10. I’ve checked it on Ubuntu 15.10 with Atom 1.6.1 and everything works fine.


A few weeks ago there was an older version that had issues with --wait on Windows. Try the latest Stable version and let us know if the problem reoccurs.


Following up on an email @leedohm answered for me earlier, the latest beta 1.7.0-beta4 fixed the --wait issue I was having using atom as a git commit editor on windows 7.
The latest released 1.6.1 version did not fix the issue.