Atom version of coffeescript?

Is Atom using CoffeeScript2?

view = atom.workspace.createItemForURI(‘atom://svs-testcase-view’,tc_model)
await view

I also tried:

view = await atom.workspace.createItemForURI(‘atom://svs-testcase-view’,tc_model)

And got the following:

Error [sm]:77 Uncaught ReferenceError: await is not defined
at SvsTestCasesModel.module.exports.SvsTestCasesModel.openTestCase ( [sm]:59)
at HTMLLIElement. (svs-testcases-view2.js? [sm]:47)

Atom doesn’t use CoffeeScript 2 and it won’t, because the developers decided that ES 6 fits their goals better (it fixed a number of the things that prompted them to use CoffeeScript in the first place).

Atom’s lack of a built-in CoffeeScript 2 compiler doesn’t keep you from developing packages in the language. You can use whatever language you prefer and compile it to JavaScript, either before publishing your package or at install-time (IMHO the former is the better way to go). You can use my generator to create boilerplate CoffeeScript v2 packages – or take cues from it.

There are actually some performance benefits when you compile your package, rather than letting Atom handle it.

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