Atom using a different version of Python to system default and Anaconda

My dear knights in shining armour,

I am the kind of moron that never should have been allowed to walk on planet earth. Nevertheless, the moron is here and on Atom, so one more problem for you and your collective sexy brilliant brain to solve :D. Recently I found myself in the awkward position of having atom directed to a different version of python(2.7) than the ones applied by system default. I will display my shitfuckery down below with an innocent face :slightly_smiling_face:.!

As I recently set the system default python(originally 2.7 and now 3.8 aligned with Anaconda) to the one provide by Anaconda(3.8), shortly After the switch, none of my package can be imported in Atom and the version of python Atom is directed to miraculously switched from 3.8(Anaconda) to 2.7(the previous system default with no package piped :C). So help me my honourable Atom masters. I would definitely subscribe you as my new god, if problem were to be solved! :kissing_heart:

Your moronic novice