Atom uses large amounts of memory


Thanks again @raldone01 - I wasn’t able to reproduce but may need some clarification on your repro steps:

  • Open any md file.

I started by creating a Markdown file with just:

# hello world


## Testing


Did you reproduce with other Markdown files or were you using the same ~1000 line Markdown file you mentioned earlier? Can you reproduce with the test content above?

  • Press space several times
  • Place a cursor in every empty line (using ctrl-mouse)

Do you mean press enter several times? Specifically how many new lines can you reproduce with? I created 10 empty lines and then 20 to test with but couldn’t reproduce.


Thanks for testing it. (Now I can be sure that this isn’t the issue.)
I meant enter. I created about 400 lines.
I will do further tests on monday.
Did the RAM usage increase at all?


I created about 400 lines.

Can you share the test content so I can try to reproduce with the same example? Feel free to just create a gist:

Did the RAM usage increase at all?

It might have gone up a tiny bit but nothing significant on my machine.