Atom User Interface design ( graphic design)



I am a new user of Atom javascript and to start with I would like to understand how to develop the User interface app design. I mean, I have used android studio and you can easily add buttons, textview controls…in a app mobile layout. How can you do that using Atom? is there any graphic designer editor? Any other recommended software where you can develop that design and then esealy comunicate with Atom? Could anybody give me some advice?



Learn HTML and CSS? I don’t know about any visual tools, but this seems the best and most educational way in the long run anyway.


Someone would have to design a package that knows how to do that.

is there any graphic designer editor?

No, and Atom is a code editor, so visual design isn’t really its thing. Niche editors like Dreamweaver, Brackets, and Android Studio can branch out into WYSIWYG editing because they have a specific language and client target. Atom has been designed more for the broad cross-section of open-source tinkerers across many languages and subject matters, most of whom don’t need visual tools, or who work on projects where the visuals and the code are distinct (unlike mobile development). If you want to develop for Android using a WYSIWYG editor, then you should use Android Studio.


The fanciest GUI extension related to a Code Editor that I recall is …

HTML Designer — For Brackets Code Editor

^ That was a pretty impressive accomplishment for an extension.

If you want HTML/CSS/JS based development GUI + Atom then I would suggest Pinegrow.

Pinegrow + Atom -

Otherwise I would suggest heading over the MDN and learn as @Aerijo suggested.

Otherwise explain more what you are hoping to accomplish and build.