Atom User Account


Can we have one feature in Atom which gives you user account of Atom. so that whenever i login in Atom app my all packages are installed and all my customized setting would reflect .

What is your view on this ? Please feel free to guide me ! :slight_smile:


There are packages you can use to synchronize your packages across multiple computers and sharing your config.cson and styles.less files are as easy as copying and pasting.

If you’re comfortable with git, it’s pretty easy to set up a git repo in your .atom folder and add everything except config.cson, styles.less, and any storage files used by packages to the .gitignore file.


does this download all packages automatically ?


No, copying config.cson doesn’t download packages for you. You have to use one of the packages made for that.


Alternatively, you could use the stars you give to packages and install everything with:

apm stars --install

This command will install all the packages you’ve starred on the Atom webpage.


I think we need to provide credential for the this command. and whats about customize settings ?


Yes, you need to get the authorization token from your profile page, and use that one for authentication.


Most custom settings are stored in config.cson. Some packages (like atom-notes and project-viewer) create additional files for storing their information.