Atom Use for Multi Sites

I have 2 ‘large’ sites (4 if I count the admins for each site). Each site is a ‘sister’ to the other. By ‘large’ I mean each site has from 40 to 50+ main menu items with each having a main PHP, js, CSS, ajax file. (see and

The individual files for each site doesn’t cause a problem given that they are specific to the site. What causes me a lot of issues is in the Scss variables, js functions, and php functions. Basically, these are all the same for each of the sites. Thus, if I update/modify a given function I must do it for each of the sites.

Thus, my question is… Is there a way via Atom or otherwise that I can have a single function/variable file that can be included(?) in each site’s framework?

TIA for any assistance

You can keep common files as links to a Cloudinary account. Atom could upkoad to your Cloudinary account which is then referred to by your two domains.
Also PHP common files can be referred to by using php include.

Thanks for the reply. Your response is similar to what I had in mind. Given that the two/four sites are on a dedicated server I am thinking that I could set up a CDN directory and include a link to the needed files. Again thanks!