Atom Update JSON ERROR

I’m using Atom on Win10. When I try to check for updates “Settings->Updates”, I get the error “Unexpected end of JSON input:” with not further information. Same error goes to “Settings->Themes->Installed Themes”. Other “**** Themes” section won’t stop loading. Also “Settings->Packages” won’t stop loading showing “Loading Packages” message indefinitely.
I’m behind a firewall, which I’ve configured in my ~/.atom/.apmrc file as follows:
strict-ssl = false
http-proxy = http://*****
https-proxy = http://*****
proxy = http://*****
I could not find any one with similar problem, here or in google.
Any help will be most appreciated.

For some reason, apm was not on my PATH env variable, even though I´ve used the Atom installer to be able to run it on my system. I set it correctly but the problem remains.
On the other hand, the About page that keeps saying “Your system does not support automatic updates”, i’m pretty sure that i saw it saying that the IDE was successfully updated and running the last version!
I’m really without any solution path or more detailed info.