`atom update` CLI command to trigger auto-update


I run a script a few times a week to update absolutely everything on my workstation:

Anyhow, I have included the following snippet to keep Atom packages up to date:

if type apm > /dev/null 2>&1; then
  echo 'updating Atom packages...'
  apm upgrade --confirm false

However, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to keep Atom itself up to date, without opening the whole app.

I propose an atom update or atom upgrade command that accomplishes this. I would expect the command to trigger the usual auto-update process, and terminate when the process is complete (or on error).

For the .deb and .rpm releases, it’d be terrific if we could feed a repository URL into the Linux distribution’s package manager so that dnf, yum, apt-get, etc is able to keep Atom up to date. If this is infeasible, then having atom update automatically fetch the latest RPM/DEB would be sufficient.

I’m really enjoying Atom and am excited to see how it evolves. :slight_smile:


The Atom team said this will happen, but maybe not before v1 is released.