Atom unusably slow on rMBP 13" (OSX 10.11.4) on fresh install, is it something on my end?



I just installed atom this morning with the plan to use it with nuclide for some react-native development, but it’s slow to the point that I can’t justify using it. I haven’t installed any packages, and the version of atom is 1.6.1.

Startup clocks in at 13 seconds, and switching a tab or typing a letter takes anything from 2 to 6 seconds. When comparing to a buddy of mine who’s running his install on a 2012 mpb 15", it’s incredibly disheartening to look at. His is soo snappy and performant! This has led me to believe that it has to be something on my end, but I’m having trouble troubleshooting the issue. Are there any known causes for this or fixes i could try to get it running properly?

The macbook in question is a 13" retina from mid 2015 (or early, it was the latest when i bought it in august). I’m running el capitan at 10.11.4.

  • Are you running on a remotely mounted drive?
  • How did you install Atom?

Things to try …

  • Close all atom windows and start with atom --safe
  • Delete or rename ~/.atom folder
  • All of the above and reinstall Atom


Thanks Mark! Deleting the ~/.atom -folder did the trick. I installed atom via the dmg on


I have the same 13" rMBP from early 2015 and I’m not running into the same issue. In addition to @mark_hahn’s questions:

  • Where did you install Atom?
  • Is your account an Administrator? Or a regular user?

  • From the download section on!
  • Yes, the account is admin


@leedohm, you are too late. I bagged this one. (grin)