ATOM UI Shortcuts List

Hello. I have done a crawl around looking for a list of shortcut commands (e.g., CTRL+"/": Comment / uncomment a line). I have not really found anything that addresses this need directly, and general google searches led me to some questionable sites. I would love to get it straight from the creators. Does anybody have a link to a maintained reference document that lists shortcut keystroke combination commands in the IDE UI? Thank you!

Inside Atom, the Keybindings tab under Settings will give you a searchable list, and most of the command names are pretty self-explanatory. There’s no sense in having a human maintain a list of defaults when Atom can tell you all shortcuts that actually exist for you.

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Thank you! This is very helpful. It looks like there isn’t a very good description of what the command does, just technical details related to scope. Is there a description of the commands available somewhere?

Since most of the names are self-explanatory, it might be faster for you to ask questions about the ones that you find vague. Commands generated by packages frequently have detailed documentation, including some core packages like github.

There is also the package keybinding-resolver which responds to any keystroke combination you type in.