Atom turned into a Web Inspector?!?


I was fiddling around with the .atom folder on my Mac and moved it around but I deleted it (thinking it would reset things, :frowning: ) and it made the editor turn into this:

I think it is a html inspector kinda like the one in safari?
No amount of installing and reinstalling could fix this. I deleted the frameworks, the .atom folder and anything to do with is so why is it stuffing up? I may have to change to Brackets if this an’t be fixed… Please help I don’t like Brackets!


The whole atom turning into a web inspector thing doesn’t surprise me. Atom is based off of Chrome or Chromium, I can’t remember. Have you tried pressing the shortcut to toggle the inspector like in your browser? It should be the same key. I don’t know it for mac.


Atom stores lots of information in the ~/.atom folder, including serialized window information and cached code for packages. You shouldn’t delete the whole thing while Atom is running. But, it shouldn’t be a big deal … just do the following:

  1. Completely exit all instances of Atom
  2. Delete the ~/.atom directory, emptying your Trash if necessary
  3. Start Atom again


I have followed question instructions here and it still didn’t work. I don’t know what is happening…


I have pressed option-cmd-i and it closes the inspector but now it is just a white screen. It has as the bar, no file, window etc. so no files are left. I checked app contents and it is full. Could someone give me a copy of the .atom files to paste in? They don’t get created again.


You can find them here


If the files in ~/.atom don’t get created again after you delete them … then it sounds like you have a permissions problem.


Thanks for the advice! Changing the permissions on my home folder worked perfectly! :smile: