Atom Tree View - Show Only Selected Folder


I am new to using Atom and switching from Coda and I was wondering if it was possible to setup the Tree View kind of how it is in Coda where when you click on a folder it only shows the files related to that folder


You want to collapse every other folder automatically when you open a new one? For that, you’ll want to fork tree-view and write your own behavior. Once you have it cloned to your computer, run the command apm link to create a symbolic link in .atom/packages/ that makes Atom think you installed it there, and then you can edit the code to your liking and changes will automatically load into Atom when you reload it. If you tire of your changes, you just have to delete the symlink to revert to the built-in tree-view.

In my setup I define projects using project-viewer in right hand pane.

When clicking on Project links in project-viewer, only that clicked project is then displayed in tree-view.

Projects can be in groups and there can be multiple paths displayed by each project.

This is not not exactly what you ask for (folding folders in tree-view) but it allows you to expand (or show) only the project folder(s) you are interested in.