Atom treats all my files as unstaged changes in git repository


Not much to say more other than what topic says. I happens only on one computer - just after installation if I open or save any file opened in Atom it shows 87k + unstaged changes which makes atom freeze every 3 seconds. After I urn off the github package it stops. See how it looks like on the screenshot below. Any ideas what might be the reason?


Nevermind I fugured the reason, my home folder was a git repository. How Can I delete this topic?


You can’t. And you shouldn’t, since this question has come up multiple times and someone else might find it and be helped by the solution.


Soooo, how did you fix it the issue and how did my home folder become a repository?


Fixing it is as simple as deleting the .git folder.

That’s something only you can answer. What’s the date on the .git folder?


Got it. You have to go into the settings and specify the project home folder. The package generator creates one by default if not already specified. I changed it and restarted Atom. Working fine and only the files in the project folder now appear in the Unstaged Changes tab.


Ok, I have not done that. Thanks.