Atom too slow on my Macbook Pro


I’ve been trying to use Atom as default editor since a while now but the problem is every time I try to use it, It just doesn’t work as smooth as Sublime Text or any other editor. I experience the sluggish behaviour while moving my cursor around the code. Starting up Atom takes so much time. I can’t just get it working. I tried removing and installing it again but it didn’t help.

OS X 10.11.1
Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB
Atom: 1.1.0


when first booting atom it takes a minute or two because it has to load all the packages that are natively installed and then ones that you have installed. Atom could also be sluggish starting up for the first time because you have other things running possible. Try starting it without anything else open. Now for the sluggish mouse behavior I’m not completely sure because im running with the same specs as you are and it runs flawless. Have you opened atom from terminal? thats how i always open mine every time.


See the topic:

For extensive discussion why Atom might be slower than a native-code editor like Sublime. That said, Atom has made huge strides in the last year since the topic above started. If you can identify specific scenarios where Atom is slow and collect information using the technique documented here:

Filing bugs on specific scenarios with performance information would be a big help towards making Atom faster.