Atom + tkinter + canvas /beginner question/


Hi there.
I am a student, who is learning python. I am currently using IDLE where i am using mostly this code :
import tkinter
canvas = tkinter.Canvas()

and from there i am creating lines , rectangles whatever. I downloaded atom just because i heard it’s good for coding python. But when i started my code with Atom Runner package, there doesnt appear any window with the thing i created like in IDLE on image here:

Again sorry for maybe very stupid question, but I’m new to this.


I’m not sure why the window doesn’t appear with Atom Runner. Does it appear when you run the script from the command prompt with python "3x"?


Ehm I guess im doing something bad here :smiley: it says cant open the file : no such file or directory


You need to navigate to the directory where the file is before you use that command. Or you can invoke it with the full path, "C:\Users\Simon\Desktop\Python\saves\3x". You need the quotes because of the space.


I still need to open it with IDLE to see what it does … so I guess I’ll stick with IDLE for now … maybe in future i will start using something different :slight_smile: Thank you for your time sir!


So you’ve executed the script from the command line and it doesn’t open the tkinter window?


No it doesn’t. Should it ?


I don’t know. But since it doesn’t, that explains why an Atom package wasn’t sufficient.