Atom textarea editor in the browser?


Is it possible to use Atom in the browser? Not necessarily all the filesystem actions, but just the textarea ui with code highlighting and whatnot? It seems like this should be possible, but I’m not finding anything…



While it would technically be possible, you would have to build it yourself. Not the whole of Atom, just replacing the Electron parts with more standard browser API calls. And then you’d have to keep up with changes in Atom, because it wouldn’t be officially supported. Seems like a lot of work. Using Ace would be much easier.


It’s not currently possible. Atom’s text editing code is too tightly coupled with the rest of Atom to be extracted and used in such a way. There is work being done to decouple it but we don’t have an ETA for when something like this will be feasible.

On the flip side, Facebook has announced Atom in Orbit, a hackathon project to bring the full Atom experience into the browser. More information