Atom Teletype not working


I’m a computer science tutor and I attempted to use Teletype to collaborate with one of my students. It simply didn’t work. I mean, we got all the way to joining a portal together, but whatever I typed didn’t show on his screen or vice-versa.

I tried again, using two computers in my apartment to join a portal, using the same steps, and this time it worked.

Can I get some suggestions how to go about debugging this? I will note that my student says that his internet service behaves strangely and that he often experiences long delays before receiving emails, although he can stream video okay.


Is your student connecting to a university network where there could be firewalls/proxies/etc. being used? To rule out their network, can they temporarily connect to a different network and see if that makes a difference?

Do you or your student see any errors in devtools console?