Atom tabs not maintaining


Much like the majority of the community, I like to organize my code with tabs. however, whenever I tab/indent multiple lines in a row, the tabs on the previous lines disappear, the same goes for if I save my file then click off and come back, all tabs/indentations on lines that dont contain any code are cleared, which is extremely frustrating given I like to leave open lines to give myself space when coding, however having to re-tab every time I want to take advantage of one of my open lines makes coding with remote efficiency near impossible. Ive looked through settings and can’t find anything to help. Anyone know why the editor does this, and how I may be able to change this behavior? Thanks much!


There’s a core package called whitespace, and it has a setting, unchecked by default, to Ignore Whitespace Only Lines.


Aahhh this solved my issue. thankyou!!!