Atom Syntax Theme


Hi guys,
in Notepad++ I always used the Zenburn theme and I got very used to it.
In Atom I found two themes that mimick this. However I wanted to change a few things and customize it (eg. make the variable names bold etc.), also some PHP strings are not correclty colored becuase the theme is primarily for C languages.
I opened the source of the theme file and found the LESS base file, which has the color settings.
Unfortunately, it is relatively difficult to deduce exactly what that particular CSS class represents in the syntax.

It looks something like this:, .support.other.module {
  font-weight: bold;
  color: #FF8000;


So i was wondering if there is some documentation for this with description or ideally examples in code, what exactly this styles. I guess there has to be something otherwise these people won´t be able to develop these themes in the first place, but I only found documentation for styling Atom as such, which is not what Im after.

Thanks a lot


That is determined by the language package. For example, this rule labels block comments with the .comment.block classes. The syntax theme is almost always going to have a rule for .comment, and some theme authors might distinguish between block comments and line comments.

There is not great documentation on this, but the code for the base themes is all available and not very complicated, so most theme authors probably start by cloning an existing package.